photo by Terrence Wolfe

photo by Terrence Wolfe

about the artist

Lucas Ouellette received his BFA in painting from Maine College of Art in 2018. He is interested in creating work that revolves around his personal experience wherein each work functions as a celebration of his queer identity. Abstracting the potential for figural work dissolves the idea of a specified identity, allowing his work to function in any capacity that is dependent on the audience. Creating dialogue surrounding these ideas of self provides clarity in the investigation of how a person’s projected identity directly influences their experience. He believes that all of these specific elements of queer identity need to be artistically and socially represented in order to create a comprehension in a community that is built on solidarity and empathy.

email: louellette@meca.edu
instagram: @lucasouellette

All work pictured is for sale unless stated otherwise - please contact the artist for pricing.